• India on My Plate- Maharashtra

  • Sa, 04.05.2019 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Humboldt-Haus der RWTH Aachen
    Pontstr. 41
    52062 Aachen
India on My Plate- Maharashtra - Humboldt-Haus der RWTH Aachen - Aachen

Ladies and Gentlemen! 📢📢Hear hear! Gather around. The journey which began from State of Punjab in 2017 was a special one. In 2018 we showcased the Culture and cuisine of West Bengal. Now comes 2019, and we are set to bring to you, the state of Maharashtra!!! 🤩As soon as we set foot in Maharashtra, we look forward to get lost in its labyrinth of cultural and culinary delights. Maharashtra is one of the most urbanised state of India and is also the most Industrialised state of India. This state always offers you the most delicious food ranging from Pav- Bhaji, misal, puran poli, Vada Pav etc! Coupled with vegetarian dishes, the meat is not far behind, with chicken Kolhapuri —meat slowly cooked in spices over low heat characterized by a rich red colour and melt-in-the-mouth chicken pieces. Among seafood, the most popular fish is bombil aka Bombay duck! Maharashtrian artist have a major contribution to Indian classical Music. The vibrant folk includes Powada, bharuds and gondhals. Koli and Lavani dance are the famous Marathi dance forms. The menu has been decided and is as follows:1) Batata Wada (Deep Fried potato nuggets served with special Indian sauces)2) Misal (Curry made from lentils and sprouts served with bread rolls and toppings)3) Masale Bhaat (Tradition aromatic rice combined with mouth watering textures) 4) Shrikhand ( Traditional western- Indian sweet made from curd and various ingredients)There will be an authentic Maharashtrian welcome drink too for all the guests!So what are you waiting for? Get your forks and spoons out as we explore yet another state through its cuisine.May the 4th we will be having an evening of food and fun. Keep in mind that one has to register for the food tickets but everyone is free to join in without registration for the presentation and the party 🕺🏼💃🏽🕺🏼💃🏽 that follows. Drinks and Fast-food will be also be available. 🍻🍹REGISTRATION Link below*https://forms.gle/oZoAq3p1Rmv9M5qM9Photography & Recording: Participants of this social event explicitly agree to have their photos and videos taken by AISA e.V. and shared on social media.