• Uncanny Valley

  • So, 07.04.2019 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Dumont Aachen
    Zollernstrasse 41
    52070 Aachen
Uncanny Valley - Dumont Aachen - Aachen

'The group formed in July 2017 and perform original music composed by the British contingent of it's members. Challenger and Donkin are long-time associates from London, where Challenger still resides. Donkin and Steidle are Berlin based, and perform together in a variety of settings, namely 'Killing Popes'. But in contrast that group, this music is acoustic. With a compositional focus on intervalic, spacial rhythmic tertiary forms, the improvisations follow in both parallel unity and juxtaposed cognicance. The three musicians weave, glide and sometimes scrap with the thematic material causing an uncanny Smorgasbord of rhapsody and visceral discordancy. Any accepted forms of what we know as improvised music are indeed challenged, questioned, swallowed, digested and redistributed here as this marvellous cauldron of coalescence.' - Roger Koch, Spaffington HeraldPhil Donkin - Bass, Tomas Challenger - Tenor Saxophone, and Oliver Steidle - Drums.