• Tam Tam In Store Sessions pres. OTEO (live)

  • Sa, 23.03.2019 ab 18:00 Uhr
    Franzstr. 50
    52064 Aachen
Tam Tam In Store Sessions pres. OTEO (live) - TAM TAM - Aachen

Tam Tam In Store Sessions pres. OTEO liveLine UpR'n'B | House | Neo-Soul | Indie-Pop___________• OTEO www.facebook.com/oteomusicwww.soundcloud.com/oteomusicwww.instagram.com/oteomusicOTEO is a story about friendship across long distances: From Marrakesh to Berlin, from New York to Cologne. While producing their debut, up to 6000km separate Alvin Paris and Matteo Luis. Connected via the umbilical cord of the Internet, the Cologne duo works on its debut EP despite there being a distance between them in more ways than one. There is, for example, the distance between the first sound and the last. Alvin and Matteo do not even know each other when the first bars of ‘Walking Blind’ enter the world. It takes three long years until the song manages to apparently drag itself onto the EP. But then its presence is strong: ‘Walking Blind’ not only gives the EP its name but also introduces the listener to the duo’s danceable tracks with its feet-footed, poppy guitar riffs.• Support: TAM TAM-DJ-Team___________Eintritt frei!18:00 - 22:00 Uhr