• Amsterdam Trip by Studifahrten

  • Sa, 09.02.2019 ab 08:00 Uhr
  • Studifahrten
    Studifahrten / Roder Weg 6
    52072 Aachen
Amsterdam Trip by Studifahrten - Studifahrten - Aachen

Dear Studifahrten Friends,It's again the time for Amsterdam with STUDIFAHRTEN on 09.02.2019!To register for the trip you need to follow the link below and fill in the form. We will contact you in maximum 24 hours after filling in the form: https://goo.gl/KgGh3BWe will again take you to Amsterdam, show you the city, and the hidden parts, the best coffee shops, make you food suggestions, show you where to buy the best souvenirs for the best price, take you also to the Red-Light district and guide you as good as we can! Be sure you are in good hands!If you have any questions you can also add us and ask your questions in person:https://www.facebook.com/hueseyin.bahadir?fref=ts (in German)https://www.facebook.com/onurogul?fref=ts (in English)Departures:We have different buses from different cities so please do not be confused about the departure times.👉 08.02.2019 Friday night departures with approximate departure times:🚩 Stuttgart Airport / Around 22:30 / 55 €🚩Karlsruhe Central Train Station / Around 23:30 / 55 €👉 09.02.2019 Friday night to Saturday morning🚩Mannheim Central Train Station / Around 00:45 / 50 €🚩Darmstadt Central Train Station / Around 01:45 / 50 €🚩Frankfurt Central Train Station / Around 02:45 / 50 €🚩Cologne - Köln Central Train Station / Around 06:30 / 30 €🚩Dortmund Central Train Station / Around 06:30 / 30 €🚩Bochum Central Train Station / Around 07:00 / 30 €🚩Essen Central Train Station / Around 07:00 / 30 €🚩Aachen RWTH Aachen Super C / Around 07:30 / 30 €🚩Düsseldorf Central Train Station / Around 08:00 / 30 €Once again: These are approximate times and the exact departure times will be sent two days before the trip.The arrival to Amsterdam will be in the morning till noon on Saturday.In Amsterdam we will find a large spectrum of historical and cultural attractions like Royal Palace, Rijksmuseum, Oude Kerk, Van Gogh Museum, Madame Tussauds Museum, Red-Light District, Albert-Cuip-Market, Anne-Frank-Haus, Coffee Shops, Nightlife in Amsterdam and a lot more which you can visit in your free time the whole day.Here we will experience the daily life and also a little bit of nightlife of Amsterdam. If you would like to go shopping or visit the museums or experience the canals of Amsterdam you have to come with us!👉 09.02.2019 Saturday NightThe departure from Amsterdam will be on Saturday around 23:00 till 00:00. According to your city and your bus.👉 10.02.2019 SundayEveryone will be at home between 03:00-08:00! :)It will not be the same bus for all the cities so please depart from the same city if you have other friends on the bus.The registration fee for the trip costs 30 € - 55 €. This includes:🚌 Studifahrten quality, comfort, reliability and hospitality👨‍✈️ Travelling to Amsterdam with a modern coach and Studifahrten team member🗺️ Studifahrten Info for Amsterdam and Amsterdam Map📧 Postcard of Amsterdam💪 Tips for Amsterdam👯 A great chance to make new friends and enjoy a new country We are looking forward to travelling with you!Your Studifahrten TeamPlease join our group for the future trips! :)https://www.facebook.com/groups/505976856205425/