• Humboldt Haus Flea Market // Flohmarkt Aachen

  • So, 07.04.2019 ab 10:00 Uhr
  • INCAS Aachen
    Pontstraße 41
    52062 Aachen
Humboldt Haus Flea Market // Flohmarkt Aachen - INCAS Aachen - Aachen

🌞🌷🌼🌷🌷 stand reservations: incas@rwth-aachen.de 🌷🌷🌼🌷🌞Dear INCAS friends and fellow flea market lovers,your home needs some room for spring? You want to sort out some clothes and other goodies and give them a new home? You just love thrifting and searching for hidden gems?Let’s start the new semester with a new old things!We invite you all to our first Humboldt-Haus Flea Market. We want to support secondhand clothing and items - it’s good for the environment AND for your wallet.🌱💰👚👖👗👞🎩🎒👜💍🌂🎲⌚📀📦🎁📚> HOW DOES IT WORK?You can swap, distribute, donate or just come by as a visitor.*** PM or email us for stand reservations: incas@rwth-aachen.de > DISTRIBUTE YOUR OWN CLOTHES 💰Arrive at 9 am at Humboldt Haus to set up your own table, alone or with a friend. FREE OF CHARGE. We want to give everyone the chance to free up some space. You can swap clothes and other items with fellow distrubutors or ask for a small donation for your things from visitors.Please be aware that this is a non-profit student flea market, we are hoping for affordable secondhand clothing for students and friends, so everyone can be happy with the outcome of the event. PM or email us for stand reservations: incas@rwth-aachen.de ***After the event, you can take your things back home or leave them at Humboldt-Haus to donate.> DONATE YOUR CLOTHES AND THINGS 🙏You want to get rid of some old clothes and stuff but don’t want to stand at the table all day or don't know where to bring them? We will accept donations and save you the fuss.EVERYTHING that doesn’t find a new home by the end of the day, will be donated to Bandbreite – WABe e.V.https://www.facebook.com/wabebandbreite/Sozialkaufhaus, www.wabe-aachen.de♥ VISIT OUR Humboldt-Haus Flea Market! ♥Just drop by and browse through our little Humboldt flea, don’t forget to bring friends and family and neighbours - the more the merrier. 😊We are looking forward to seeing you guys.Your INCAS team