• INCAS International Weekend: Luxembourg

  • Sa, 29.06.2019 ab 07:00 Uhr
  • INCAS Aachen
    Pontstraße 41
    52062 Aachen
INCAS International Weekend: Luxembourg - INCAS Aachen - Aachen

IWE (International Weekend)Day Trip: Luxembourg_______________________________________!!! FIRST STAGE SALE: Tuesday 11.06 19:30 at the INCAS office !!!____________________________________Hello INCAS friends and fellow students,come explore with us the beauty of Luxembourg.A day trip to one of the world's smallest countries, but also one of the richest. An incredible country famous for scenic landscapes and small-town atmosphere.____________________________________Plan of the day: (Details of the day are still under construction! Stay tuned for further updates)- 6:45 Gather in front of the Humboldt-Haus. We cannot wait for anyone. Make sure to be on time!- 7:00 Bus takes off!- 22:00 Back home_______________________________________Ticket price: 25€We’re looking forward to having you on board!Your INCAS team