• Kizomba. Master the Fundamentals

  • Sa, 21.03.2020 ab 17:30 Uhr
  • Dance Fusion Aachen
    Blondelstrasse 9
    52062 Aachen
Kizomba. Master the Fundamentals - Dance Fusion Aachen - Aachen

♥ Master the Fundamentals Bootcamp with RENE AMPLO & Celine ♥3 h Bootcamp of Kizomba to boost your DancingThis Bootcamp is for people that had more then 5 lessons of real kizomba in their life. They need to know posture, frame, pressure points already and Basic 1, 2, 3, Balance and both Saida's. Next to these Basics & Saida's there are 12 Fundamental techniques/steps you need to know to be even more then a beginner in kizomba dancing.At this bootcamp we will pick 5, 6 fundamentals and mix and match and cut and paste them. The rest of the fundamentals we will teach in a full course beginner class of 10 lessons.Saturday 21st of March 202017.30 Check In18.00-19.00 19.00-20.0020.00-21.00