• AISA Chillout // Course Guidance WiSe 2018-19

  • Mo, 24.09.2018 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • Humboldt-Haus der RWTH Aachen
    Pontstr. 41
    52062 Aachen
AISA Chillout // Course Guidance WiSe 2018-19 - Humboldt-Haus der RWTH Aachen - Aachen

Hello again!!A glimpse of "Herbst" (autumn) in the air mark shredded old leaves and the beginning of the new semester and new faces amongst us.Let's chill out our way into breaking the ice with the one another with a quick course guidance session. We are sure that there are innumerable questions about the city, the course, the exams, HiWis, the expenses etc storming in your brain. We start off with a general introduction and move on to detailed discussion during the Q&A session. Have a chance to meet your fellow senior students from your program. We also call out to the senior students to lend a helping hand in guiding the new students.The Monday evening then eases into socializing, beer, some snacks and a lot of games and fun and music from about 19:00 onwards. A chance to win FREE tickets to the BollyBeats 2018 party at Apollo!People with music capabilities are welcome to bring along their instruments and we can have a good bit of jamming session later. We all sing and dance together at the end of the day anyway ;)Want to see around Aachen and know the most IMPORTANT places around the city, join our city tour. https://www.facebook.com/events/2098531883746133/