• SANDBOX OPEN AIR [ zusage für gästeliste ]

  • Sa, 27.06.2020 ab 15:00 Uhr
    Hessenbachstrasse 45
    86156 Augsburg
SANDBOX OPEN AIR [ zusage für gästeliste ] - WUNDER AUXBURG - Augsburg

SANDBOX OPEN AIR - a venue full of golden sand, sun, fun and good people. FREE. WUNDER, the (maybe) hottest spot around town and Open House, the (maybe) hottest DJs around town are finally bringing you 2020s summer back. Haven‘t heard of both? You will! LINE UPda HOUSEBOII < OPEN HOUSE >PAUL GORBACH < MAELSTROEM > HIGH CASTLE < MAHAGONI BAR > IMPORTANT! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEOnly 100 selected people are allowed to come cause of governmental restrictions. You know the deal! Guest list will be closed on Saturday morning. Just hit the „Going“ Button to be on the guest list for this saturday! Being on the Guestlist is no guarantee for gettin in. First come, first serve!FOLLOW:https://instagram.com/wunderauxhttps://instagram.com/open___houseWE ❤️ AUX