• Konzert: HOT LUNCH punk rock'n'roll from san francisco & The Lostouts punk'n'roll from Augsburg

  • So, 01.07.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • City Club Augsburg
    Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 9
    86150 Augsburg
Konzert: HOT LUNCH punk rock'n'roll from san francisco & The Lostouts punk'n'roll from Augsburg - City Club Augsburg - Augsburg

HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY HEAVYHot Lunch is a punk ‘n’ roll band from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area that specializes in getting loud, getting weird and getting rad. The quartet’s unique blend of brown-acid skate-rock and wah-fuzz proto-metal was born in the bowels of skatanic rituals, biker beer busts and wizard staff meetings. With a head-bludgeoning sound that refuses to take sides (and showers), Hot Lunch are on a hell-bent mission to create the best party soundtrack in the history of all music. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios and is available on all formats by Who Can You Trust? Records (EU), Tee Pee Records and Burger Records (US)."A blast of 60's acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock 'n' roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth" – Thrasher Magazine"A glorious tangle of sixties style psych, eighties punk rock, hairy fuzzy proto-metal and seriously shredding guitar mastery" – Aquarius Records“They have distilled the best of garage punk, hesher heaviosity, The Blacks (Sabbath and Flag) and their self-titled LP on Tee Pee Records should be considered required study at your local campuses, skateparks, and dive bars.”– Steve Turner (Mudhoney)“Hot Lunch is a daft enough name to get noticed and too great a debut LP to pass un-noticed. Those of you with a perma-jones for true proto-metal of the highly imaginative variety should rush out with the readies, and right now!”– Julian Cope (Head Heritage)“Everything about this album screams of the late 60’s/early 70’s right down to the reverb ridden production and amps being pushed so hard you can almost smell the dust burning off the valves." – Ollie Stygall (The Sleeping Shaman)PlattenfirmaTee Pee Records, Who Can You Trust?, Burger Records, Tym RecordsInteressen der BandRed Curb Slappies, Mission bacondogs, high-hat haters, cold Tecates, single fins, soft bushings, loose trucks, coldblooded intergalactic revenge fantasies and Melbourne sharpiesWeitere Künstler, die wir gut findenThe Shrine, Harderships, Lecherous Gaze, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, Carlton Melton, Glitter Wizard, Sweet Chariot