• °°° Chiemgau - Impact °°°

  • Sa, 17.01.2015 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • City Club Augsburg
    Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 9
    86150 Augsburg
°°°   Chiemgau - Impact    °°° - City Club Augsburg - Augsburg

Schon seit langem kommt es in der Gegend um Traunstein oft über Nacht zu plötzlichen Tanzorgien. Dieses mysteriöse Phänomen wird Chiemgau - impact genannt und stellte die Wissenschaft bislang vor ein Rätsel. Die C.C.Aux-Wissenschaftler haben erstmals eine wissenschaftliche Erklärung für das Phänomen gefunden, das als Beweis für den Chiemgau-Impact interpretiert wird. Die Erklärung wird im international City Club of Augsburg (kurz: C.C. Aux.) am 17.02.2015 veröffentlicht.

° Bastian Lehnert (DeepTech Rec, Draft Ldt, stay|tuned)

Bastian Lehnert is founder of the eventconcept stay|tuned and co-founder of the bookingand event agency Timless-Beatz which is celebrating its ninth anniversary. As a skilled audioengineer, Bastian has 14 years of experience behind the decks, is appointed resident DJ, booker and promoter of the first and unique SodaClub Salzburg and has displayed his talent and energy at numerous gigs in hole Europe. His new EP "Traces Of Nuts" with DeepTech Records and his EP "From Top To Bottom" with Draft Ltd Records were in Beatport Top100 several weeks, the latest released track "Trainrun" for Global Ritmico Records shows his multifarious productions; many other hot stuff will be released soon. Clubbers expectations are always exceeded by Bastian’s mix of sound; if you haven’t experienced it yet, hurry up and don’t miss out.

http://www.facebook.com/bastianlehnert.official http://soundcloud.com/bastian-lehnert http://sodaclub.cc/

° Philip Seiler aka Phil Slide,

was born and raised in beautiful Southern Bavaria, not far from Lake Chiemsee. He very early became aware of his urge and fondness for music, taking keyboard lessons at the tender age of 9, while also practicing to play the drums at the local school of music. By consistently practicing and playing these instruments Phil developed a feeling for rythm and sound in no time. He got started with his DJ career at the JuZ (youth centre) Traunreut. In the early 90s he was already aware of the potential of Techno and House Music which he mixed with abandon at his soundboard. In order to pave the way to his musical goals he was later looking for inspiration at the “Ultraschall 2” (Munich) and the former “Gigolo Club / Club Villa” in Traunstein. Influenced by staggering DJ sets performed by artists like Hell, Rok, Richie Hawtin and many more, Phil Slide bought his first own Technics 1210 in 2000 and from then on spend more time on his beloved hobby. His vinyl collection grew quickly and steadily. After a few months of playing gigs at underground parties, he was frequently seen and heard at the consoles of the “Blue Room” at the “Club Villa”, the Cave Club (Austria) and several trendy clubs in Munich, where he put his ability to the test. In October 2004 he contributed to the foundation of the booking and event agency „Timeless-Beatz“ that he still engages himself with as resident DJ and booker. There have been regular „Timeless-Beatz Night“s in various clubs such as the „Kerosin“ (Augsburg) and the „Festung“ (Traunstein), which are still popular to this day. In Phil’s DJ sets you can clearly hear the earlier influence of the Detroit Style, although, in the course of the years, he took to the 124 bpm House Tracks that, in his opinion, can easily be integrated into any set. „It is vital for me to get the crowd moving with performance, routine and a selection of tracks that match the evening’s atmosphere.” Phil’s goal is to make the evening of his gigs stand out for his audience. Techno is a multi-faceted lifestyle: making friends, establishing communities and setting the world on fire! Enjoy it!

myspace.com/timeless-beatz http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/philslide/top10 http://www.facebook.com/philip.kanone

° Adam Techkowski (City Club/ Manege 8 - Augsburg)