• Lopez y Bar. Vermouth & Tapas at Alaska

  • So, 07.07.2019 ab 11:00 Uhr
  • Alaska
    Reuterstrasse 85
    12053 Berlin
Lopez y Bar. Vermouth & Tapas at Alaska - Alaska - Berlin

It is unvelibable that we havent through a vermouth event yet.So it works like this; you come arround 11 am or so and you start drinking Vermouth, we gonna have both, black and white, then you eat the special tapas we have prepare specially for this ocasion, such patatas bravas with chinese chilli oil, tempura aubergine with sugar cane honey, choripan with chimichurri.... and after that you go to do another sunday summer activity such going to a fleamarket, lake or just keep your house blinds closed watching movies...