• ALOO Release PARTY

  • Fr, 14.09.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Arts & Entertainmentkugelbahn.booking@gmail.comGet Directions
    Grüntaler Str. 51
    13359 Berlin
ALOO Release PARTY - Arts & Entertainmentkugelbahn.booking@gmail.comGet Directions - Berlin

(To read more about the artist, see below.) Dear friends and family! My self-produced debut EP “FØR” is coming on September 14th. It’s an album I’ve worked on for the past 4 years, and it’s finally ready to release! I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to show it to everyone. We’re celebrating it with a party at Kugelbahn in Wedding, this really cool, atmospheric venue with a bowling alley in the basement 🎳I’ll perform the album live and there will be a little surprise for y’all ✨I hope to see a lot of sweet faces, bring your friends and come support me, it would mean a lot!Love, Sofie // ALOO Free entrance The first single from the EP, "Peel It", can be heard on: https://song.link/dk/i/1396555898 “Strong vocals in beautiful soundscapes“.With her otherworldly attitude, sharp synths and playful harmonies, Danish ALOO is about to make a notable entry on the electronic pop-stage. Behind ALOO is songwriter and musician Sofie Søe. Dedicating most of her spare time to music since she was 4 can be heard in the vast soundscapes she creates, that are gently coming around unexpected, challenging progressions and arrangements, without sounding unpleasant. Her big heart for pop keeps a red line between the tracks, despite moving across genres like jazz, psyrock, EDM and world music. There are strong feelings in play in the airy, yet powerful voice and string arrangements. Her perfectionism didn’t only get her to achieve two academic degrees, but her passion for both mathematics and music can also be found in her approach to building up a catchy track following indefinite logics. Playing music with locals around the world has probably also influenced ALOO, whose name by the way is Indian, where she also lived and gained a lot of her inspiration. If you like experimental, intelligent pop with twists in infinite directions, ALOO is truly worth checking out.Photo credit: Svea Immel