• New Moon Sound Journey

  • Mo, 10.09.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Cafe030 23396056hallo@raumschwalbe.deGet Directions
    Winsstraße 9
    10405 Berlin
New Moon Sound Journey - Cafe030 23396056hallo@raumschwalbe.deGet Directions - Berlin

September's new moon sound journey on a monday night in an other part of the city❤️For all my friends up there in Prinz Mountain !As i will be bringing my energy into this space till Casa Cacao opens again for the autumn/winter season let us gather there in this heartfull space.Cacao will be there.Magic instruments tooWater harp, ocean drum, crystal ball and will the crystal pyramid be already with us?!Bring your beautiful self, a bottle of water to recharge on the Altar and confortable clothes.Infos / booking : casacacaoclub@gmail.comLoveSofia❤️