• Multitude Mixtape I

  • Do, 13.06.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
    Veteranenstraße 21
    10119 Berlin
Multitude Mixtape I - ACUD MACHT NEU - Berlin

Multitude Mixtape is a Berlin-based concert series/labour of love. Produced and curated by a small group of dedicated artists (party mice) there are no boundaries to what genres, styles or form MM will take. Every edition will be a unique night as we invite carefully selected artists that all contribute their own flavour to the party . Keep it spicy! At each shindig a different theme will add to the magic and all musical acts are recorded and released on a mixtape.In celebration of summer our first party’s theme is ‘FLORAL’ !! We encourage you to bring out your rosy cheeks, flowery moves and dress up with us! Discounted tickets will be available for those who do. // LIVE MUSIC ACTS:Sea Changehttps://open.spotify.com/artist/7JDQNp9QJRoLp5yrwHpuCP?si=ZsrhDX7BS_6XT-FeM0O04gOdd XXhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/1VouMtTIVI7nWJ4exxBIJQ?si=BwfV7Th8RCmwtg05nQX1QwFur Auge Und Ohrhttps://fueraugeundohr.com/DJ:Frau Braunhttps://soundcloud.com/fraubraunDANCE PERFORMANCE:Company HAA performs VENTURE Vhttp://www.companyhaa.com/ventureWith Musicians Manu Rzytki & Zoro BabelDOORS: 8pm // €8 ENTRY // €5 DISCOUNTED