• Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quintet at Donau115

  • Do, 04.10.2018 ab 20:30 Uhr
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    Donaustraße 115
    12043 Berlin
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quintet at Donau115 - Barinfo@donau115.deGet Directions - Berlin

Malte Schiller - tenor saxSebastian Boehlen - guitarEdgars Cirulis - pianoMathias Fischer - drumsKenneth Dahl Knudsen - bassSometimes you have to dive into the unknown to get back to yourself. Nobody knows more about this simple truth than double bassist and composer Kenneth Dahl Knudsen.As the grieveing about his mother´s death threatened to take all joy of living from him, the multiple awarded jazzmusician went on a journey that led him through 33 countries – always accompanied by his bass, his sheer belief in the uniting forces of music and the glimpse of hope to get back some of the lightness he had in his youth.Little by little the encounters and playing with local musicians from diverse musical cultures as from Japan, USA, Morocco, Lebanon, Israel, Thailand and Germany helped Kenneth Dahl Knudsen to gain a variety of new musical impressions as well as finding new joy in life – an experience he shares with the world on his fourth album „Tété“. The title references the name he used to give himself as a little child before he could speak properly and stands as a symbol for his newfound lightheartedness. From a musical point of view the title also perfectly reflects the truly open minded childlike curiosity that Knudsen aimed for with his new album. As a bandleader he manages to unite all the experiences he made on his journey and ties them all up into one impressive complete work. Backed by the blindly intuitive interplay of his quintet Knudsen combines harmonies of the european music tradition with the playful rhythms of Africa and Latin America as well as the expressiveness of jewish folksongs as if they belonged together naturally, sounding like noone else but himself. It feels like Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is leading the intercultural understanding that is the fundamental idea of jazz into the age of globalisation - and he welcomes everybody to join him on his exciting journeywww.kennethdahlknudsen.netwww.soundcloud.com/kennethdahlknudsen