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  • Do, 16.05.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Burg Schnabel
    Schleusenufer 3
    10997 Berlin
Fredo | Berlin - Burg Schnabel - Berlin

Fredo16.05. Berlin, Burg SchnabelEinlass: 19 Uhr | Beginn: 20 UhrFredo’s forthcoming album, Third Avenue, is an album of firsts. It’s his debut full-length, and his first album on Since 93’ – but it’s also the first project the 24- year-old rapper worked on entirely out of prison. The West London MC dropped his first track “They Ain’t 100” in March 2016, just before he turned 22. He wasn’t expecting anything. Three weeks later, he went to prison. The song blew up while he was away, gaining radio play and racking up millions of views, but he didn’t realise how big it had gone until he came out and people were asking him for more music. This would have spelled happy days for any artist, but for Fredo it was particularly remarkable. Not only was “They Ain’t 100” his first track, it was also his first attempt at rapping – save for one unreleased song done earlier the same day. The only time you’d catch him in a music video prior to that was in the background of visuals for the likes of Harrow Road Boyz, Rugrat and Ratlin. Fredo’s rise over the last two years has been unstoppable. Despite setting the bar high with “They Ain’t 100”, Fredo went from strength to strength. Mixtapes Get Rich Or Get Recalled (2017) and Tables Turn (2018) established a balance of the celebratory and the realistic, success and street life, in his bars – something he’s since gone on to perfect with Third Avenue. Meanwhile, his features on tracks by British rap staples Kojo Funds, Young T, Bugsy, and Dave – whose “Funky Friday” was one of the hottest UK singles of 2018 – have established his ability to rap over a wide variety of beats. Fredo may not be the first rapper to come with that message. It’s something Giggs has been doing for a long time, but Fredo is bringing something fresh for his generation, his age, his area. “I’m just trying to do what Giggs done again, and just make a serious album that everyone can listen to.”