• NB#95—Ape Finger ~Interbellum ~Niederhauser ~Resonanica ~

  • So, 07.07.2019 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • Atelier Äuglein
    Oppelner Strasse 12
    10997 Berlin
NB#95—Ape Finger ~Interbellum ~Niederhauser ~Resonanica ~ - Atelier Äuglein - Berlin

Interbellum — song derivation /lebanonhttps://interbellummusic.com-Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese musician Karl Mattar. It blends elements of noise pop, lo-fi folk and garage rock into an idiosyncratic mix centered around Mattar's songwriting. When he performs solo, Mattar straddles the line between structured songs and experimental soundscapes.=Marissa Niederhauser — record manipulation /usa-Sitting on the floor with her boxed califone and a variety of prepared instruments, american musician Marissa Niederhauser makes use of body movements to influence her sound sculptures, playing with skiping records and other erratic ocurrences.= Resonancia — sound recreation / mexicohttps://vaariosartistas.bandcamp.com/album/1-2-Mexican producer and songwriter Nicole Luján explores different emotions using sonorities that are being constantly recreated. She plays with distorted field recordings and their interaction with synthesisers, voice and effects pedals, in combination with live visuals made by Samuel Martínez= Ape Finger Of The Stars — drone improvisation /berlinhttps://soundcloud.com/00000250show/episode-39-ape-finger-of-the-stars-live-session-A berlin-based drone trio, Ape Finger Of The Stars make relaxing spacey drone improvisations from synthesisers and prepared tapes, mostly for their own enjoyment. ===//..EXPECTED SCHEDULE..\\ SHOWS START ON TIME // kinda but mostly5.00 — Doors Open5.30 Bar — Interbellum 6.15 Studio — ???7.00 Bar — Resonancia7.45 Studio — Marissa Niederhauser8.30 Bar — Ape Finger of the Stars- -Noiseberg is a monthly, non-profit event. You are expected make a donation in form of moneys (usually 3 to 8€) to the musicians—It isn't mandatory but qualifies you as patron of the arts, which is nice.