• DOWN - Oracy (Mojuba) + Eric Cloutier

  • Mi, 19.06.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Paloma
    Skalitzer Str. 135
    10999 Berlin
DOWN - Oracy (Mojuba) + Eric Cloutier - Paloma - Berlin

After a little hiatus for May we're back with DOWN at Paloma!There's very few DJ's on this planet that I legitimately am intimidated by, and Oracy (Official), AKA Don Williams is one of very few that make me nervous to DJ with. He has some of the most amazing taste, is a monster slayer behind the decks, runs some of the most intriguing and consistently good labels around, AND produces killer jams under a couple different monikers - what's not to be intimidated by?! I first became aware of him through older Mojuba Records that I would gobble up the instant they went on sale on Hardwax or Juno, but the more I dug the more I found that I was in love with and Mr. Williams turned out to be the mastermind behind a lot of them. He and I will be doing what we do best - bending minds and pitching things to the slower side of the spectrum - presumably with an all vinyl affair (though I'm sure he has so many unreleased jams that it won't stay that way for long). Come join us back at Paloma for a night of deep, dubby, chilled out house and techno vibes once again...and don't forget that that terrace will be open!! As usual, 9p (21h) start time for those that leave work and want the last few hours of sunlight as it goes down over Kotbusser Tor...or that legitimately have real work to do Thursday as well. :-P=DOWN=June 26th, 2019Oracy (Mojuba Records | Berlin)Eric Cloutier (Palinoia, The Bunker NY | Detroit)Paloma Bar - Skalitzer Straße 13521h (9p) - 5€