• Mr Baps Alcohol Infused Sandwiches & Snacks

  • Di, 30.06.2020 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • arkaoda Berlin
    Karl-Marx Platz 16
    12043 Berlin
Mr Baps Alcohol Infused Sandwiches & Snacks - arkaoda Berlin - Berlin

Hey, hey, hey! He's back, everybody! Everyone's favourite anthropomorphic, alcoholic man-sandwich is bringing his selection of booze-infused sandwiches and snacks to YOU at Arkaoda in Neukolln.The menu thus far is:Mushrooms in a Guinness and goat cheese sauce, spinach and parsley.Crispy tofu or crispy chicken with salad and an apricot-rum-chili sauce.Bean burger, cheese, tomato, salad, Merlot-caramelized onions and a tangy bourbon BBQ sauce in a homemade burger roll****Oven baked loaded home-fries with cheese, spring onions, parsley, brandy BBQ sauce and bacon bits (if you're into bacon bits)Crispy Tofu crisps with a maple, harissa and bourbon dip**Kahlua BrownieGin & Tonic cheesecake with an elder-flower syrup*****So come one, come all, tell your friends to tell their friends. We will also have a menu just for dogs if you want to bring a furry friend! The dog menu is:ChickenSausages