• Mare Nero & Prequel Tapes present "Dinge"

  • Do, 14.03.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
    Veteranenstraße 21
    10119 Berlin
Mare Nero & Prequel Tapes present "Dinge" - ACUD MACHT NEU - Berlin

BOOK #CASSETTE #TAPE #RELEASE #PARTY #EXHIBITION"Dinge" is a physical package made of an audio cassette tape and book in handcrafted steel casing. It comprises three unreleased tracks from 1991 and three compositions recorded in 2018, introduced together as time-displaced manifestations of the same story. By revisiting the works of his early years, Prequel Tapes deconstructs the origins of his identity, exposing himself to brutally honest examinations of his work. Mare Nero explore this further with repurposed photographs and new artworks.More Info: https://bit.ly/2Eh2dRQLine-UpCrushed SoulPrequel Tapes [Gaffa Tape / Midnight Shift / Ninja Tune]A Sacred GeometryWhiplash [Official Version Records]Admission: Donation