• Creative Insights: Under Pressure by Kabuki

  • Do, 16.05.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Abbey Road Institute Berlin
    Salzufer 16
    10587 Berlin
Creative Insights: Under Pressure by Kabuki - Abbey Road Institute Berlin - Berlin

Have you ever experienced a sudden burst of creativity, but you're unable to finish a track? Or are you willing to finish a song but somehow it's not moving forward?We hear and feel you! It happens to be the best of us. But we got your back. The key is to look into a framework or methodology that helps you move forward. So, next time creativity kicks in, you are prepared.Musical goals and objectivesWhen inspiration strikes and you have a clear objective, musical goals can be achieved in (even) a short period of time. You might be thinking, 'This does not sound very sexy or creative', and we understand that, but it's good to know that this actually helps you to stay focused and let your creative brain do the work. Ask any professional, they know. It is something that Kabuki, veteran producer, NI expert, drum & bass OG and lecturer at Abbey Road Institute has proven for a while, especially with his collaborative New Forms project. And he is willing to share that with you in the studio.Kabuki on the MASCHINE Expansion DECODED FORMShttps://youtu.be/G8QrSqcQQfYSonic Hooks - Track deconstruction with Kabukihttps://youtu.be/6NnlSdTtOaM