• House in Space

  • Sa, 09.11.2019 ab 14:00 Uhr
  • Polygon Club Berlin
    Wiesenweg 1 - 4
    10365 Berlin
House in Space - Polygon Club Berlin - Berlin

🚀 Flight #002 🚀 34 Hours :: 3-Floors♫ In the beginning there was a Jack. Jack flew far into space, searching for the most groovy house. And while viciously lookin’ into a distant galaxy, Jack finally found and declared, 'Let there be House in Space!' ♫☾ 30 DJs & Live Acts :: powered by Funktion-One ::☾ 5 Showcases: LTMD / SPULE Musik + SOLAR Elektro Sound + Advanced + Sound of Utopia + FINOW ZOO☆彡 Headliners ミ☆Tobi Neumann (Cocoon)CHRIS DI PERRI (Moon Harbour)Domenic D'Agnelli (Moon Harbour)ALE CASTRO (Bar 25 Music)FreedomB (Toolroom Records)Cook Strummer - Live! (Moodmusic Records)DJ Apoena (Allnite Music Brazil)AlBird (Ballroom Records)Oliver Klostermann - Live! (KaterBlau)Till Noon (HEARec)❂ [Saturday 14-23] Less Talking More Dancing in Space! ❂LTMD + SPULE Musik Showcase/Albird, Fonzy, Kaiser KuBa, Konstantin Olias (LTMD)DOJAS, IANIC, Lucas Mezian (SPULE Musik)☾・゚✧. [Saturday 22-10] Sound of Utopia in Space! .✧・゚☾Ale Castro, Cook Strummer, Apoena, Oliver KlostermannNowhere People, Rinaldo Makaj, Freddy RayKaroliina Pärnänen, Kabadayi, Malte Gutmann❂ [Saturday Night 02-08] Solar in Space! ❂10 Years of SOLAR Elektro Sound /Tobi Neumann, Chris di Perri, Domenic D'Agnelli♪ ☽ [Sunday 08-15] Advanced After-hours ☽ ♪Freedom B, Till NoonMaltese Flamingo - Live!, Kronos❂ [Sunday 15-22] FINOW ZOO in Space! ❂Aline Raphael, BoogiemannKHMGNFF, Thoma S., Solaar, Logea☆☆ Please Note ☆☆- Saturday Night (22-08): €12 (Reduced) / €15 (Full)- Daytime (Saturday until 22 & Sunday after 08): Free / €8- Register for Free Daytime or Reduced (€12) Night Entry:https://bit.ly/houseinspace02 (limited availability)💜 Your support on RA is much appreciated: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1331248♫ Jack says: 'In this house there shall be only the good vibes and best shades of house music. No one man owns this house — when you enter it becomes also your house. You may be black, white, Jew or gentile, it don't make a difference in this house!' ♫- Link zum Polygonkalender: https://polygon-club.com/event/house-in-space/ © Artwork: Jumpinkmonkey & Graphics: Malte Gutmann