• Bombastic!

  • Do, 06.12.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Du Beast
    Innstr. 4
    12045 Berlin
Bombastic! - Du Beast - Berlin

After 3 years we still havent run out of good themes ;)bombastic : marked by or given to speech or writing that is given exaggerated importance by artificial or empty means : marked by or given to bombast : pompous, overblown Bring your words and sounds to share or ears to listen - see you there!Berlin Spoken Word open mic invites but is not limited to: spoken word, prose, lyric, poetry, storytelling, acoustic song, rap. ALL LANGUAGES WELCOME! (Event is hosted in English)--------------------------------------------------------Show up by 8 to get a seatEntrance Donation 2€---------------------------------------------------------Feel free to send us a private message through Berlin Spoken Word if you have any questions about attending or performing.---------------------------------------------------------Performance Guidelines:Performances up to 5 MINUTES.Open Mic sign up is ON THE NIGHT when you come talk to us. Performers are asked to find us by 8PM to get your name on the schedule.The theme is encouraged but not mandatory. See you there!