• Series :: ~~Fundraiser~~

  • Sa, 22.04.2017 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • StudioAcht Berlin
    Grüntaler Strasse 8
    13357 Berlin
Series :: ~~Fundraiser~~ - StudioAcht Berlin - Berlin

Some three years ago, the Sacred Realism series at Studio 8 was started with a pair of speakers found on the street. Since then, the series has developed into a consistent forum for sharing and listening, and acted as a kind of musical home for a community of people both local and international. In hopes of offering a more reliable, higher-quality sound setup for future concerts, we are hosting a two-day, marathon fundraiser event. The main purpose of the fundraiser is to raise €1000 for the equipment we need (speakers, mixer, cables, etc.), but we also see it as an occasion to celebrate and strengthen the community that has shaped and been shaped by the series over the years. We have a Paypal account for those who can't make it and/or want to contribute from afar: http://sacredrealism.org/series/series_fundraiser.html. Saturday, April 22nd & Sunday, April 23rd Doors 17:00 // Performances 18-22h // DJs 22h ++++€10 at the door (everything goes to the fundraiser.)Lineup:April 22ndSet 1 (18:00 -19:00)* Axel Dörner, Erik Drescher, Lucio Capece – Gravity Zero slide trio * Joseph Kudirka – solo * Antje Vowinckel, soprano sax; Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet * Julia Reidy, acoustic guitarSet 2 (19:30 - 20:30)* Annette Krebs – solo* Mazen Kerbaj and The Supremes (Koen Nutters & Andrew Lafkas)* Christian Kesten – "Uncoloured Seven Songs"* Heather Frasch – solo for digital instrument / cigar boxesSet 3 (21:00 - 22:00)* Xavier Lopez, computer* Symeon Yovev – sound castle field recording composition* Boris Baltschun, electronics * Margareth Kammerer – songs (solo)+ DJs Epcot Center, Batata, and Solid Gold———————————————————————April 23rd Set 1 (18:00 -19:00)* Andrea Neumann, inside piano; Sabine Vogel, flutes; Lucio Capece, bass clarinet* Johnny Chang, viola; Derek Shirley, cello* Andrea Ermke – solo* Solar Anus (Martin Hiendl, electronics, and Göksu Kunak, spoken word) Set 2 (19:30 - 20:30)* Marc Sabat and Sara Cubarsi-Fernandez – Bach Sonata no.1 in G minor for solo violin, arranged by Marc Sabat for two violins in JI* Adam Kirchner, Annie Garlid, Evelyn Saylor, Chloe Weiss – medieval/Renaissance polyphony* Matthew Conley – Marc Andre's "iv 6a" (solo trumpet)* Daichi Yoshikawa – speakers, feedback* Burkhard Beins – floor tom soloSet 3 (21:00 - 22:00)* The International Nothing* Emilio Gordoa – "Free Butterflies in an Electromagnetic Field"* Farahnaz Hatam, computer; Colin Hacklander, percussion* Christoph Wirth – texts * Mattin+ DJs Codd Tapp, Annie Sprinkles, Lousy Cappuccino, and AA We'd love to see you there.