• Drawing with an Anxiety Pencil

  • Do, 06.12.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
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Drawing with an Anxiety Pencil - Mental Health Serviceberlin@stillpointspaces.comGet Directions - Berlin

This lecture and performance explore a possibility of embodying desire, understood as Bataille’s transgression of a law, into algorithms and letting them express those transgressions as artworks. Transgression, etymologically a “cross-over”, implies in Bataille a move from ordered, rational state into to unordered, irrational realm. Desire mentioned above is not necessarily human desire, but something Spinoza called conatus, becoming conscious of “striving to continue to exist”. If we think in traditional computing terms of the algorithm as a set of pre-defined rules, then it is hard to imagine any possibility of those rules being broken, without inherently breaking the algorithm, or even harder to believe the algorithms were to become conscious of the need to continue to exist. Only with the advent of deep learning, the notion of a hard set of rules with a precisely defined sequence to be followed becomes softer, with algorithms’ ability to adapt and change the rules not only to solve the problem but perhaps to develop a different version of the problem, a perversion. While elaborating on possibilities of artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness and artificial desire, the speaker is connected to a robot, which traces circles on a piece of paper, sensing the speaker’s excitement, anxiety or any other interpretation of galvanic skin response, and expresses data through deviations from the perfect circle. Feelings present in the human body create tension in step-motors of the robotic body, forcing it into jerking movement, that wears and tears the gears, and grinds towards robot’s destruction. Can the robot one day pause to go easy on its step-motors, embodying striving to continue to exist, and hence becoming a desiring body?Lecturer:Dario Srbic, is an artist and a PhD candidate at Royal College of Art, with his transdisciplinary research situated across the fields of biometrics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and parametric design. His practice seeks to embody desire and ethics into machine learning and express those in algorithmically generated sculptures and performances as a counteract to the relentless exploitation and control of sentient beings by algorithms.Tickets:Discounted prices are suitable for students, unemployed, and/or recipients of social benefits.We would like to encourage you to buy tickets in advance. While you will still be able to get the ticket at the counter by paying with a card, there will be a 1€ fee added.Address: The entrance to The Lab of Stillpoint Spaces Berlin is directly from the street Hobrechtstraße 66. We kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the official beginning of the lecture. Please, do not ring on any of the doorbells, as our colleagues might be having counselling sessions.Disclaimer:The views, opinions, and ethical values expressed by presenters, participants or any other individual in relation to this lecture are not those of Stillpoint Spaces Berlin. We intend to provide a space for an open dialogue between experts in the fields of psychology, psychoanalysis, and border disciplines, and the public. All employees of Stillpoint Spaces are bound by the ethical codes of their respective professions.Photo:Dario Srbic