• Home Again pres. 1992

  • Sa, 01.08.2020 ab 16:00 Uhr
    10997 Berlin
Home Again pres. 1992 - SAGE RESTAURANT - Berlin

Its been a while. After a long hiatus, we are happy to welcome you to our new concept. Home Again will present you at every session a musical homage to house music from one particular year. Just because we felt like it, we start with 1992, a year of forgotten treasures. Its time to dig them out. We are happy to invite you to the gorgeous SAGE BEACH for drinks, food, and good music.Please understand that we solely rely on donations for this event. You can support us here already or leave a donation at the event: paypal.me/pools/c/8qR1IbSw8MLine Up (a-z):meggyThaboThalo Santana☛ free entry☛ Make your reservation to ensure you get a table reservierung@sage-restaurant.de, 030 755 494 07-1☛ Please wear your mask at all times, when not at your table☛ According to the law, Sage will take your contact details upon arrival.See you there, your Home Again & Sage crew