• Ancestral Futurism - VR/XR

  • Do, 11.04.2019 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Montana Cruz
    Reichenberger str. 48
    10999 Berlin
Ancestral Futurism - VR/XR - Montana Cruz - Berlin

Ancestral futurism is a VR/XR and video exhibition based on concepts such as technoshamanism, ancestral-future, and neo-paganism, among others.The exhibition is a one-night journey into the spiritual void where shamanic cosmovision fusions with Virtual Reality into technoshamanism and the confrontation between imagination and hallucination is diluted by the use of VR technology as a tool for the research of an alternative digital reality of consciousness.Stereoscopic poetry will challenge your conception of vision, and relates a look at the history of the technology of the image since the end of the XIX century with the comparative succession of images extracted from a cell phone which overlaid with the narrator's voice, submerging us in a context of uncertainty in search of perhaps a horizon.Hybrid belief systems will materialize in Form of an eclectic profane shrine, negotiating the contrary thus connected relation between the narratives that constitute nation states, opposed and entangled with those of a non-institutional popular faith.But how much spiritual power can a machine really have? Would you believe in a fortune told by a computer? Who could be better equipped to tell our future than this machine in our pocket, that listens to all our conversations and makes our life online a personal experience through constantly collecting data? During the exhibition, you will also be able to let your phone foresees your fortune.Take the chance.Let the machine guide you through this technoshamanic journey.They know us better than we know ourselves...--Carla Streckwall is an artist and designer from Berlin. In her work, she focuses on the change of perception through our everyday engagement with technology. Her installations experiment with new forms of immersive storytelling and mixed realities, bringing attention to the user and his personal experience with technology.http://refrakt.org/Tina Wilke is a video- and media artist from East Berlin working with experimental Film forms, installations and stages. Reflecting on her identity as a traveler from the global north, she works with representations of postcolonial belief systems within the context of global mobility and digital networks.https://www.tina-wilke.net/Matias Brunacci is a New Media Artist born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin. His work takes on multiple forms, ranging from audiovisual performances to multimedia installations. He enjoys exploring and using these state-of-the-art technologies, amplifying and mixing their effects to create new artistic experiences and digital phenomena.https://www.matiasbrunacci.com/Mercedes Lozano lives and works in Buenos Aires. She graduated in Visual Arts and is specialized in film. Her current research explores stereoscopic devices with painting, drawing, photography and, finally, video. She is interested in the history of occidental image productions.https://www.mercedeslozano.com/--The exhibition is happening on Thursday the 11th of April, at Reichenbergerstr. 47, 10999, Berlin, Germany.Montana Cruz Com. and DG: KSNI