• Ceremony #05

  • Fr, 07.12.2018 ab 23:00 Uhr
    Ziegrastrasse 11
    12057 Berlin
Ceremony #05 - SOUNDS - Berlin

Dear guests,Once more we have the pleasure to invite you to our Ceremony. This one will be the last one of the year and for that reason, we would like to make it special. For the first time, we are going to have a guest joining us on the musical journey in which we will try to induce you. For many reasons, we can´t reveal the name of our secret guest but we could say that it is someone very present in the international scene and it is a pleasure to have this artist collaborating with us. We would be delighted to have you one more time, dance and celebrate music with us in our intimate and unpredictable space that is the SOUNDS. Love.Entry 6 EcusLine up- SPACIAL GUESSS (Planet earth)- JOAN BERNAT (Ceremony)- LLUPE (Ceremony)- SPEAKERTOME (Ceremony)- NIREL NICA (Ceremony)- STILL DEEP (Ceremony, Way to Calypso)