• Wilden presents: Jodie Mack

  • Fr, 12.07.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Wolf
    Weserstraße 59
    12045 Berlin
Wilden presents: Jodie Mack - Wolf - Berlin

Wolf is happy to welcome Jodie Mack to show her latest film, The Grand Bizarre.- The Grand Bizarre -Regie: Jodie Mack, US 2018, 60 min A postcard from an imploded society. Bringing mundane objects to life to interpret place through materials, The Grand Bizarre transcribes an experience of pattern, labor, and alien[-]nation[s]. A pattern parade in pop music pairs figure and landscape to trip through the topologies of codification. Following components, systems, and samples in a collage of textiles, tourism, language, and music, the film investigates recurring motifs and how their metamorphoses function within a global economy.- Biography -Jodie Mack is an experimental animator who received her MFA in film, video, and new media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Combining the formal techniques and structures of abstract/absolute animation with those of cinematic genres, her handmade films use collage to explore the relationship between graphic cinema and storytelling, the tension between form and meaning. Musical documentary or stroboscopic archive: her films study domestic and recycled materials to illuminate the elements shared between fine-art abstraction and mass-produced graphic design. The works unleash the kinetic energy of overlooked and wasted objects and question the role of decoration in daily life.- Wilden -Wilden will give platform to forms of cinema considered to be less commercial, more experimental in form and content.Wilden will focus on artists, both emerging and establish, who use sound and image in all manner of forms, long and short, analogue and digital, abstract and representative.Wilden will be an open and accessible platform for new discoveries. A place when you can jump in despite any previous knowledge of experimental cinema in its many forms.