• Posters for sale!

  • So, 19.08.2018 ab 13:00 Uhr
  • Movie Theater030 91702919contact@ilkino.deGet Directions
    Nansenstrasse 22
    12047 Berlin
Posters for sale! - Movie Theater030 91702919contact@ilkino.deGet Directions - Berlin

WE ARE SELLING OUR POSTERS!This Sunday you can swing by IL KINO, and get posters of your favourite films of the past 4 years!A lot of you have asked us for posters for your favorite films. Often the films have still been running, and when they were over, we are struggling to keep track of who has asked for what.That's why we have spent several days sorting through 3,5 years of films – more than 120 different posters! – and are now ready to open our yard sale.All posters between 1–15 € depending on size and condition. Come and secure an original film poster of your favourite movie!The list: http://ilkino.de/the-great-poster-sale - WE WILL UPDATE THE LIST SOON