• Label Souls w/ Neo Violence & Tieffrequent

  • Fr, 21.07.2017 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Humboldthain Club
    Hochstraße 46
    13357 Berlin
Label Souls w/ Neo Violence & Tieffrequent - Humboldthain Club - Berlin

Humboldthain Club pres:

LABEL SOULS with NEO VIOLENCE & Tieffrequent

On the Decks:

dMIT.RY (Head of Neo Violence / Prague) https://soundcloud.com/dmit-ry

Siggatunez (Head of Tieffrequent / Berlin) https://soundcloud.com/siggatunez

Niro (Neo Violence / Pads / Unclear Records / Italy) https://soundcloud.com/niro-1

About the Labels:

NEO VIOLENCE is a project by Prague based DJ dMIT.RY. It started as a series of small club nights 8 years ago and later on evolved into a number of different activities around local club scene and a low-profile music label. These days it has 15 digital releases available on Bandcamp and 4th vinyl sampler on its way mapping club music from all around the globe. While focused mainly on more "niche" types of house music made by often unknown producers, you can find many influences listening through its fast growing catalogue. dMIT.RY himself is knows for his unpredictable dj sets and some people still struggle to categorise him. Because he simply does not want to be categorised. You can hear him playing soulful deep house and next night hammering some basement with heavy bass music or acid techno. Because why sticking to one genre, if there is so much great music around. Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/label/739812-Neo-Violence

TIEFFREQUENT is a berlin-based vinyl label which follows the idea and the wish to bring warm and deep sounds to you and your friends. It does not want to reproduce a hype but more wants to give artists and friends a platform to get in contact about music and creativity. Tieffrequent was founded in March 2013 by Siggatunez and celebrates its 13th release on the 4th July... which is a true deephouse record by Monosoul. If you take a closer look you will recognize that Tieffrequent combines different moods and styles...from classic analog chicago- and detroit-flavoured house to fuzzy and dusty organic sounds....so listen closely. Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/de/label/517604-Tieffrequent

"The celebration of House Music"

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