• Bad Girls Club

  • Sa, 09.11.2019 ab 23:59 Uhr
  • KAKE
    Ziegrastraße 11
    12057 Berlin
Bad Girls Club - KAKE - Berlin

BAD GIRLS CLUB is a sleazy, sexy soiree for Bad Girls (and those who love them).Tired of being told we're too much for some, or not enough for others, we've just accepted that we're always going to be a bunch of BAD GIRLS.We love all of your hidden parts, your scary parts, your shamed parts (and that weird thing u can do with your tongue 👄👅). Let it all loose for the evening and let's get weird together.😈MUSIC VIBES😈:Femme focused | Music 2 Grind to | Slut Haus | Ghetto House | Sassy n sexy (just like you)LINEUP: 🔥Camilla Rae🔥(she/her) - KAKE / Sunday Club🔥AUCO🔥(they/them) - Infinite Quest / No Shade🔥Venus Guy Trap🔥 (she/her) - Studio 69 / KAKE🔥Stella Zekri🔥 (she/her) - KAKE / BROT💦ADMISSION💦: 5€ before 02:00 / 8€ after🚨IMPORTANT INFO🚨:- BAD GIRL is a gender neutral term, cos we all got a little bad girl inside of us; BUT priority entry will be given to wom*n, femmes and gender non conforming folk! - Cum thruuu if you're trans, non-binary or feeling somethin' else that day - Stay home if you're a TERF/SWERF cos we want BAD GIRLS not BAD VIBES xo---Produced by the Bad Girls of Ziegrastraße: Caitlin Russell, Camilla Rae Lutz, Stella Zekri and Elle SeaBad Girl Cover: Where is Fanny----KAKE is a queer art and performance space: No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body or slut shaming is tolerated. Please respect the space and each other, bäbechen. KAKE is on an industrial building's 3rd floor with no lift. It is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if there is a way we can make this more accessible for you.