• Crossfaith 2020 | Berlin

  • Fr, 14.02.2020 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Musik & Frieden
    Falckensteinstr. 48
    10997 Berlin
Crossfaith 2020 | Berlin - Musik & Frieden - Berlin

Einlass 19 Uhr // Beginn 19:30 UhrSupport:+ Ocean Grove+ Black FuturesHaving long been considered one of the most impressive bands in the world, Crossfaith continue to evolve and excite. Recent EP FREEDOM is a head-spinning thrill-ride through genres familiar and alien, with sounds, riffs and beats drawn from every corner of the planet. “Technology has been part of life since human beings first appeared on Earth – it’s what makes our lives easier and more convenient,” explains frontman Ken. “But does it actually make us free? What is freedom? Sometimes technology makes us deaf to our own emotions – so we need to think about how to find our own freedom.”2016 brought with it two new releases in the form of the New Age Warriors and FREEDOM EPs. These future-baiting tracks took the groundwork laid by 2015 album XENO, 2013's APOCALYZE and 2012's ZION EP as well as the band's vast touring history and catapulted them into a whole new league; the band recently moved up to arena level at home in their native Japan and continue to tour regularly throughout the UK & Europe.