• Waves of Direction - Or Version

  • Sa, 14.12.2013 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Or Gallery Berlin
    Oranienstrasse 37
    D-10999 Berlin
Waves of Direction - Or Version - Or Gallery Berlin - Berlin

Four corners. Black box. Selected links. In different parts of the room, points illuminated. A triangle. Alex Turgeon, microphone in hand, disembodied voice, moving. On one wall, Audun Mortensen and Lucy Chinen having a conversation, projected. No protagonist, e-mail history. Nicolás Lartaun-Oyarzun, standing on a plateaux, singing. Three points. Four corners. Links rotated. A sudden flash. Determination by cross verification.

Waves of Direction is a gamified project and a chance-based enginge running on an information bank filled up by content (links to texts, videos, and images) from the participants. On December 14 Waves of Direction will occupy Or Gallery in Berlin. The event will host three different performances, all mimicking the three links and triangulation points that the participant have been given from the information bank.

Waves of Direction - Or Version

Dec 14, 7 - 9 pm

@ Or Gallery, Oranienstraße 37, 10999 Berlin.