• Talk on Adornism By Trash-o-lade Festival

  • Fr, 12.07.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Disconnect Store Berlin
    Finowstrasse 25
    10247 Berlin
Talk on Adornism By Trash-o-lade Festival - Disconnect Store Berlin - Berlin

TRASH-o-LADEPRESENT:Talk on Adornism by Anto Christhttps://antochrist.com/bio/"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your existence is an act of rebellion" - Albert CamusAdornism -”the act of over decoration in art or self”.Come and see the talk of a new movement in art called ADORNISM. The act of over decoration. Born as a rebellion against minimalism and the mundane stagnant art world, Anto Christ will discuss how ADORNISM came to be , influences , and the artists that are involved from all over the globe. to find out more see the segment on ARTE TV! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0L1nP4sMJUWhat we want in ADORNISM.1. Using multiple textures, objects, overlapping of lines or images to create a kinetic effect, like that one experienced when looking at nature.2. Making works with a soul that will help re-program humanity. 3. Creating works for yourself and not for someone else whether it be the art world, aninstitution or society at large. 4. Obtain the unimaginable through experimentation, chance and the discarded.5. Destroying all art that is mundane, stagnant and thought of as a fixed idea of what "modern" is.6. To create art in our everyday walking lives. 7. In with the original and out with the copied. 8. To explore colour, in all its vibrate shades and hues. 9. To support and encourage the fellow artists around you. (weather they are Adornists or not)If Dadaists defined Dada as “Nothing” then we define Adornism as “Everything”.Anto Christ is a Maltese-born, Australian-raised artist whose body of work incorporates varying media including crochet, painting, photography, make-up, costume, video, performance and installation. Innovative and experimental, she speaks from a surrealist perspective that presents in psychedelic, shape-shifting forms. Residing in berlin over the last 8 years, She is highly involved and an influencer in the Avant Garde Scene. www.antochrist.com