• Pip x Zur Klappe European Clubnight

  • Sa, 09.11.2019 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Zur Klappe
    Yorckstrasse 0
    10965 Berlin
Pip x Zur Klappe European Clubnight - Zur Klappe - Berlin

PIP X ZUR KLAPPEZur Klappe and PIP The Hague. A very wild combination. David Hasselhof already sang about this in 1989 when the last pieces of the wall were swept up, but nobody wanted to listen. Now 30 years later it will happen. On nov 9th PIP comes to Zur Klappe with a small army of troopers that are never outgunned. Come and step into the cave with us!Pasiphae (Public System Recordings / Dekmantel)Max Abysmal (Safe Trip / Dekmantel)Spekki Webu (MIRROR ZONE)JEANS (BAR Records / PIP Den Haag / Who's Susan) Woody NinetyTwo (De School / Dekmantel)DJ Hobby (Sun Sad / Zur Klappe)Stop by and join the troopers, don't forget to breath !Were fucking proud to join the European Club Night to set a sign against homophobia, transphobia, Antisemitsm, Facism, Nationalism - lets break the Borders again on a Hasselhoff way "iam a Berliner " what ever.Shout it out loud.artwork by Gijs Huizinga aka Yung Pelvis