• LaLove´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes #1

  • Mi, 26.06.2019 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Sari-Sari
    Lichtenrader Strasse 49
    12049 Berlin
LaLove´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes #1 - Sari-Sari - Berlin

// Monthly Socio-Dramatic Cooking Show in Community Theater Context //INFO+++ Preregistration is open. Please find the Registration link in the header of the event or email to contact@lalogomes.com+++ For spontaneous fellow guest: there will also be regular access at the door on the event date.+++ The evening is made up of participatory cooking moments, improvisation and musical acts,as well as open debates and storytelling at the table.ABOUTAfter the Telenovela/Performance “Love Kollaps” in 2014, which played to heartful audiences in Berlin, "LaLove " a.k.a Lalo Gomes, is now coming back with "La❤️´s Kitchen", a sequel to his Drama Latino, Carnival of Despair - in Berlin, this time in live-cooking-show format.From June till November 2019 in Berlin, La❤️´s Kitchen will be a monthly special date in which LaLove will share his performative recipes for a Latin Drama, while collecting affections, desires, sexualities and cultural identities in a common cookfire space of healing justice through food and affective-physical encounters.The idea of these collective shows is to learn from cross-border culinary practices, engage in contextualized conversations and collective discussions, dance body to body and heart to heart and sing bleached lyrics from the bloody skin.AIMED ATPeople with migrant and/or racialised backgrounds or experiences who are interested in reflecting on their Drama life experiences. Specially at people from all over who wants to take time for questioning the `I conquer ́ ideology (European colonial model) that demarcates and regulates emotional aspects.MORE IN DETAILS:tba.ORGANIZED BY:Lalo Gomes, with the support of Sari-Sari and Nowhere Kitchen.