• David Lynch. Hollywood: The dream Factory

  • Mi, 16.09.2020 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Schoko-Kreativ-Fabrik
    Krausnickstraße 23
    10115 Berlin
David Lynch. Hollywood: The dream Factory - Schoko-Kreativ-Fabrik - Berlin

Following the first meeting on David Lynch's aesthetics, this time I want to talk to you about Lynch's obsession with Hollywood.The idea of Hollywood, projecting the dreams of millions of people onto a screen fascinates Lynch, the other side of the coin being the capitalist instrumentalisation of the lives of actors, directors, viewers.Lynch's obsession is therefore felt as neither explicitly embrasive nor hostile. But it never let's him go. Almost every David Lynch movie reflects on the influences of movies as "dream factories" on our lives. Still the most famous example of a Hollywood Horror/Love Story is "Mullholland Drive", which we are going to watch together.Discussion and Q&A included.Entrance is donation-based (suggested min. 5 euro)