• Go!Zilla (psych fuzz, it) & Fornet [post-punk, be]

  • Do, 11.10.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Schokoladen
    Ackerstrasse 169/170
    10115 Berlin
Go!Zilla (psych fuzz, it) & Fornet [post-punk, be] - Schokoladen - Berlin

Little League Shows, The David Watts Foundation & Süper.Nice.Shows prsnt:Go!Zilla /// psych/fuzz/garage, it & Fornet /// noisy krauty post-punk, be at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm. after 10 pm: dj monophonic (new wave/60s/garage/soul, What Difference Does It Make)!——————————————————————————»Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is the Go!Zilla comeback record after 2 years from the last release. It’s the beginning of a new sound adventure for the 5 italians - formed by Luca Landi (voice and guitar), Mattia Biagiotti (guitar), Fabio Ricciolo (drums), Niccolò Odori (Synth and percussions) and Federico Sereni (bass) - from the psych rock to the search of new sound territories to give life to a concept album about the mental captivity in the urban jungle. A special collaboration with Enrico Gabrielli (Pj Harvey, Calibro 35 etc) that plays sax in “Falling Down Ground” and the german Thomas Hoepker, author of the picture in the front cover: a murales of a forest in the South Bronx that describe exactly what “Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is. Out on April 27th 2018 for the french label Teenage Menopause RDS.«/// gozillaband.com /// gozilla.bandcamp.com»Belgian five-piece Fornet wavers between twisting guitar-inflected sounds and fearless rhythms in a way that candidly expresses their nature. The band unleashed their self-titled debut EP in 2017, followed-up by a 7” titled Winter / Milk to be released on Brussels-based label sentimental on October 5, 2018. For their newest release, Fornet aimed at a dynamic and collective approach to creativity in a more pronounced way in order to articulate the band’s intimate coherence. Winter / Milk displays the band’s nonconformist and compelling voice in a clever and progressive fashion. The 7” exposes how Fornet means to evolve as an obstinate and vibrant collective. /// sentimentalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fornet