• All Is One! Music Unplugged with "Lione" and "Lucas Laufen"

  • Mi, 11.01.2017 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • DanTra's - Kneipe n Kultur
    Kulmer Straße 20A
    10783 Berlin
All Is One! Music Unplugged with "Lione" and "Lucas Laufen" - DanTra's - Kneipe n Kultur - Berlin

All Is One! Music Unplugged

Lione grew up in Paris Suburb (France). She is a self-educated musician who started singing in her family. Later in the 90’s, she learned playing the songs of Tracy Chapman, U2... on guitar. In 2011, after a busking tour in Canada, she founded her first band in Paris.

Recently settled down in Germany, now in Berlin to write new songs for her first EP Music project: Between Folk/Pop ambient, she sees music as a collection of emotions directly connected to her imagination. She defines herself as an "Athmosphere Maker".

Her first music instrument was a cassette player, and today with a guitar and a loopstation, she goes back to her original music roots.


Lucas Laufen The South Australian born singer / songwriter, together with his beloved Martin D28, mixes evocative melodies with simple songwriting. Lucas uses his past experience in classical music to shape his songs with dynamics. His somber folk renditions are focused on the natural ebb and flow and invite listeners to engage and relate to his lyrics. A storyteller down to his bones, Lucas is constantly collecting, writing and reconstructing his days into songs.

May 2016 saw Lucas relocate to Berlin, Germany to pursue his art with a new perspective. His debut EP “Goodbye” was completed shorty after and released on the 19th of July through Poke in the Eye Records.

Lucas toured relentlessly in the second half of 2016, telling his stories to the people of Germany, Holland and Denmark. A two-week trip back home to Australia in October offered the songwriter sold out hometown crowds and inspiration for a follow-up 2017 release.

Lucas will base out of Berlin for the foreseeable future, using the winter surroundings as a writing hub for his second EP.