• Garbage by William Berni

  • Sa, 15.09.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
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Garbage by William Berni - Tattoo & Piercing Shop030 55642195ichliebeaka@gmail.comGet Directions - Berlin

Artist: William Berni ArtExhibition: GarbageARTIST BIO:William Berni was born in Somma Lombardo in May 1978.He graduated at the Art School Angelo Frattini of Varese (Italy) and then moved to Switzerland, working for some years in the graphics industry. He has always cultivated his artistic skills by delighting in the creation of freehand portraits. For several years he has dedicated himself to painting with the intention of undertaking a more refined and demanding artistic journey.EXHIBITION STATEMENT."I grew up listening to rap music and it is undeniable that the hip hop culture influences my work.This series has the garbage as its subject. Why garbage bins? Because it is something that has no value, but for different street artists becomes a canvas, a means to launch a message. In the scratch there is a strong component of self-assertion that passes from breaking the rules and the negligence of the laws. They do not do it for the money ... but to assert themselves ... there is so much of me in this thought. Berlin is the European capital of urban art and thanks to this project I was lucky enough to meet George SEN-One Morillo, one of the first New York writers to whom I dedicated one of the paintings present at the exhibition. This repays everything, closes the circle."SOCIAL MEDIA:http://www.williamberni.comwww.instagram.com/williamberniwww.facebook.com/WilliamBerniArtCurated by LMW / art.at.aka.in.berlin@gmail.com