• BFG (Big Fun Games) #1: Mister X

  • So, 16.09.2018 ab 13:00 Uhr
  • Region0180 6 996633Get Directions
    Hildegard-Knef -Platz
    10829 Berlin
BFG (Big Fun Games) #1: Mister X - Region0180 6 996633Get Directions - Berlin

"Mr. X is at Potsdamer Platz.""Fuck, that means he can he can take a train to Gesundbrunnen! We'll take forever to get there!""Hmm, but maybe that's what he wants us to think, and he's actually taking the U2..."If that sounds like fun to you, then come join us for our inaugural game of Berlin Scotland Yard!Read the rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GOu4BsgQcSB2xHahKQaHW9UVJO2V34lnigTAOGOd05Q/edit?usp=sharingBring some hats, basecaps, sunglasses and blue tshirts/shirts/pullovers!