• JFBB: Remember Bagdad I European premiere

  • So, 01.07.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Delphi LUX
    Kantstraße 10
    10623 Berlin
JFBB: Remember Bagdad I European premiere - Delphi LUX - Berlin

REMEMBER BAGHDAD l Documentary l European premiere I Director: Fiona Murphy l United Kingdom/Iraq/Israel 2016 l 72 min. l eng OVQ&A with Edwin Shuker Moderator: Sophie Albers Ben ChamoProduction: Spring Films,UK, Echodocs, UK l International distribution: Dartmouth Films, UK l Cinematography: Fiona Murphy>> Trailer >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z86Dhp-D9-oThe last Jews of Iraq tell the virtually unknown story of their homeland.One morning, Edwin Shuker leaves North London and flies to Iraq to buy a house in his parents' onetime home country. Shuker is a Sephardic Jew, and his family belonged to the religious community to whom Iraq was a relatively good home for 2,600 years. REMEMBER BAGHDAD tells of happy times, picnics on the Tigris, a Jewish Miss Baghdad, but also of persecution, the influence of the Nazis in the Middle East, and escaping from certain death. Today, Iraq's last Jews are scattered around the world. By buying a house in a war-torn country, Shuker seeks to send a signal and plant seeds of hope in the minds of the next generation, hope for living together in peace. Shuker wants to show that the Jews of Iraq continue to exist. (Sophie Albers Ben Chamo)Fiona Murphy learned her craft with the BBC and worked for Granada und Third Eye Productions before turning to journalism in New York and London. She soon returned to film and began directing. Many of her stories are about migration and the rupture it leaves behind in people's lives. Murphy founded the production company Echodocs in 2008.Filmography: THE OTHER IRISH TRAVELLERS (2012)Festivals/Awards (Selection): L.A. Sephardic Film Festival 2017, UK International Jewish Film Festival 2017, Jewish Film Festival Jerusalem 2017, Miami Jewish Film Festival 2018