• Introduction to Drawing and Visual Understanding

  • Mo, 17.09.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
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    Wissmannstr. 20
    12049 Berlin
Introduction to Drawing and Visual Understanding - Nonprofit Organizationresource.berlin@gmail.comGet Directions - Berlin

Introduction to Drawing and Visual Understanding.When: Monday Evenings, 19:00-21:00, starting 17th SeptemberWhere: ReSource Wissmannstrasse 20. 12049 BerlinCourse Length: 7 weeksCost: €130Maximum Participants: 12Have you ever wondered if you’re seeing the whole picture? Would you like to learn to notice things more deeply, while you learn to draw? Did you know there are fascinating things all around you?Tom Moore will lead a 7 week drawing course intended to increase your visual understanding of the world.Each class will involve a variety of practical exercises, which will bring into focus different aspects of the artistic practice. Starting from the ground up, you’ll have the chance to explore picture making in an encouraging and supportive group setting. We’ll also look at a wide variety of examples—ranging from the classical to the contemporary—from drawing, painting, collage, architecture and design.Through being engaged in a visual practice and having first hand experience of creating images, you’ll gain new tools with which to see and understand things, as well as improving your ability to communicate.The course will include classes on perspective, line, abstraction, colour & light, collage & reproduced images, pattern and life drawing.---Tom Moore is an artist educator currently living and working in Berlin. Their diverse practice ranges through film, performance, book arts and collage, each of these facets being grounded in the practice of drawing.They studied Drawing at Camberwell College of Art and Winchester School of Art. They have exhibited widely including the National Portrait Gallery and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. Their films have been screened at the London Independent Film Festival and Donau Festival. They have taught at the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum, and with the London Art Academy.---I really loved this course. It’s a wonderful journey into art, and the art of looking at art. And Teacher Tom is a special person, with a gentle and encouraging approach, who coaxed a little bit of magic out of each and every student.- Kristen Harrison---To sign up please email tom (at) theydid (dot) org (dot) ukhttp://inkandbricksdrawing.tumblr.com