• Writing the Eco-bio-media Catastrophe after Flusser

  • Do, 13.06.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • _Vilém_Flusser_Archive
    Grunewaldstr. 2-5
    10823 Berlin
Writing the Eco-bio-media Catastrophe after Flusser - _Vilém_Flusser_Archive - Berlin

"Writing the Eco-bio-media Catastrophe after Flusser" – A lecture by Aaron Jaffe (Florida State University)This talk looks at a particular eco-bio-media catastrophe, a radiological accident in Goiânia, Brazil in the late 1980s, to investigate the premise that Vilém Flusser’s modernism might be best understood in terms of a crisis of criteria concerning modernity and its data. Rather than a word for naming one particular aesthetic artifact or another, or a historical container for circumscribing a discrete cultural-aesthetic period per se, modernism following Flusser might be best conceived as a format for asking questions about a certain kind of media situation, namely, signal detection against humans and/or after humanism.Aaron Jaffe is Frances Cushing Ervin Professor of English at Florida State University. He specializes in modernism, modern and contemporary literature, culture, and media. He is the author of Modernism and the Culture of Celebrity (Cambridge University Press, 2005, 2009) and The Way Things Go: An Essay on the Matter of Second Modernism (University of Minnesota Press, 2014). In 2016, he edited a special issue of Modernism/Modernity on Inhumanism. With Jonathan Goldman, he edited Modernist Star Maps (2010), and, with Edward Comentale, he edited The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies (2009) and The Year's Work at the Zombie Research Center (2014). Jaffe co-edits, with Comentale, the Year's Work book series with Indiana University Press on fan cultures, cultural theory and objects from Indiana University Press. He is working on two books: one on literary risk, administration, and value, and one on spoilers. He is also working on an edited collection on Paleofuturism.