• HEADZ UP Vol. XXXV | WUCAN Record Release Show w/ VISDOM

  • Do, 22.10.2015 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Schokoladen
    Ackerstrasse 169/170
    10115 Berlin
HEADZ UP Vol. XXXV | WUCAN Record Release Show w/ VISDOM - Schokoladen - Berlin

MAGNIFICENT MUSIC and HEADZ UP gonna present you the exclusive Berlin Record Release Show of 'Sow the Wind' by Heavy Psychedelic 70s Kraut-fueled Folk Hard rockin' Wucan at Schokoladen - accompanied by the Black Soul Hard Rock seekers of VISDOM. Suck the heavy flower power!

➤ WUCAN | Dresden, DE

Heavy Psychedelic female-fronted 70s Kraut-fueled Flute-Folk Hard Rock MadeinGermany-music GmbH bit.ly/1V6rgMh | wucan.bandcamp.com http://www.wucan-music.de/ | fb.com/wucanmusic

➤ VISDOM | Mainz, DE

Black Soul Hard Rock Wannabe-Swedes bit.ly/1j3ZfDQ | visdom.bandcamp.com | fb.com/thisisvisdom

➤ In between and after show: MAN OUT OF NOWHERE | Berlin, DE | Moon | Have Blue | Heavy 70s Psych Rock'n'Roll

Thu, 22.10.2015 Schokoladen, Berlin Doors 19.00h | Take Off 20.00h

Presented by:

MAGNIFICENT MUSIC - http://www.magnificentmusic.de/ MadeinGermany-music GmbH - http://www.mig-music.de/ HEADZ UP - fb.com/headzupshows Schokoladen - http://www.schokoladen-mitte.de/ eclipsed-Rock-Magazin - http://www.eclipsed.de/

Band descriptions:

➤ WUCAN | Dresden, DE

After them last happenings including a successful Magnificent Music Night with Siena Root and a wicked Dustown Gig with Horisont let's welcome back again Wucan to Berlin - this time at Schokoladen to celebrate the current record release of their 1st album 'Sow the Wind' - recorded at infamous Big Snuff Studio (Heat, Samsara Blues Experiment, Black Salvation). During their short history Wucan established through their extraordinary, energetic and intense live presence - led by charismatic front goddess Francis and currently backed up by her three angels in Tim, Patrik and Leo - presenting intense hymns, psychedelic jams, heavy riffs as well as catchy flute melodies ranging perfectly from authentic 70s Folk and Blues over Kraut to drivin' Classic Hard Rock. This is heavy flower power!

FFO: Jethro Tull, Frumpy, Lucifer's Friend, Birth Control, Cactus, Free, Renft, Graveyard, The White Dukes

➤ VISDOM | Mainz, DE

Visdom are five black soul seekers neither Swedish nor wise nor only bringing you home, girl. These gentlemen gonna blacken your soul.

FFO: Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Graveyard, Dead Lord, Vidunder, Dead Man