• Fourtrack: Clappers + Martha Rose

  • Mi, 14.08.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Schokoladen
    Ackerstrasse 169/170
    10115 Berlin
Fourtrack: Clappers + Martha Rose - Schokoladen - Berlin

Fourtrack on Stage im SchokoladenEinlass/doors: 19:00 / Beginn/start: 20 Uhr / Eintritt: 6-8 € (kein VVK, no pre-sale) / 18+, Raucherbar/smoking is permitted / Musik bis/until: 22 Uhr - afterwards/danach: DJ (tba)Clappers walk into town, are you gonna tell 'em no?The stakes are high, they’re fully loaded. Dressed to make knees weak and the bad times seem less bleak. It’s all laughs and cheap thrills - let the good times roll into next week.Sean and Matthew of Clappers are away from home. Adjusting to a new setting was tough. A packet of Kimberleys, a creamy pint, the warmth of their pals' company - these pleasures are now just a bittersweet memory. But in this unfamiliar space, they realised that their friendship would soon allow for a promising adventure. Living together in a new found home, echoes of what once was familiar rang louder and louder. Home life, relationships and needing an army are just a few of the many themes explored within Clappers' music. Clappers tame your heart strings, make you miss loved ones and challenge the ideas of self loathing or the inadequacy you might feel.https://www.instagram.com/clappersoffical/+ Martha RoseLondon born Martha Rose lives in Berlin and works as a musician and songwriter. She released her debut album in 2016 on Treibender Teppich Records. Her music has a fierce melancholic power, with melodic drive and lyrical subtleties.https://martharose.bandcamp.com/- - - Fourtrack Email-Newsletter - - - 1-2x im Monat Konzert-Tipps & Ankündigungen - hier anmelden / subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/ISMmD