• Pogo Bar: Leda Bourgogne – In the Feelings of Our Shadow

  • Do, 14.03.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • KW Institute for Contemporary Art
    Auguststraße 69
    10117 Berlin
Pogo Bar: Leda Bourgogne – In the Feelings of Our Shadow - KW Institute for Contemporary Art - Berlin

Thursdays are for Pogo Bar!14 March 19, 9 pmVenue: Pogo BarPlease RSVP at pogobar@kw-berlin.de.German version: https://www.kw-berlin.de/pogo-bar-leda-bourgogne/“The flies above the sink greet me with no respect, they restThe corners of the white tiles follow the grid. I don’t know whereIt comes from form, white planes structuring my day. I do not wish to find out, more I want. All the coffee, thousands of chemical procedures for you,How many times is irrelevant, these movements touch me, so automatic I’m blind, eyelids closed, opening the seaBlack liquid pouring snailish. I jump onto the stove and holdYour head is the most beautiful head on earth.” Leda Bourgogne’s practice is based on the production of paintings, texts and objects, combining ready-mades with the handmade and diaristic. Her artistic production is influenced by psychoanalysis, literature, experimental film and feminist thought, investigating in the structural ‘perversions’ of normative desires. Oscillating between autobiographical and fictional strains of narration, the artist creates different characters, who articulate themselves and emerge through her works ephemerally. Bourgogne among other topics addresses female desire and sexuality through an personal and nonconformist perspective. Her works therefore stage the dissolution between the boundaries of the intimate and the public space, emphasizing that the private is also always political. Preoccupied with language, the body, and the subconscious, she points out identity constructions and power relations. For the Pogo Bar, Leda Bourgogne will re-arrange the heterotopia of the bar into an installative-performative setting, which will address themes of body practices, speechlessness and the fabrication of need, transforming the space into a shimmering, rhythm-inducing soundscape.Image: Leda Bourgogne, In The Feelings Of Our Shadow, 2019