• Intergalactic Cat Adventures BRrRLlNn

  • Sa, 13.10.2018 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Dance & Night Clublh@loophole-berlin.comGet Directions
    Boddinstrasse 60
    12053 Berlin
Intergalactic Cat Adventures BRrRLlNn - Dance & Night Clublh@loophole-berlin.comGet Directions - Berlin

From the creators of GLeeetch - Intergalactic Cat Adventures ship is landing again to provide a platform to an alien sonic madness and a celebration of anti-gravity vibes in our beloved good old Loophole!You are invited to dance to hardware devices, analog, digital and lo-fi human-controlled machines possessed by alien cats ! CONFIRMED ALIEN CATS:Audiokidnapping [ psycore ]Gor Sky [ speedcore/breakcore ]Klirre & Sajuuk [ chipcore/glitchcore ]Memero [ breakcore/chiptek ]Nacasat [ cycling on acid ] Oliotronix [ electrochipglitchcore ]Secret ActAccording to NASA their spaceship's destination is Loophole, Berlin. ESA (European Space Agency) has received and signed the agreement for supporting this event. Earlier in the decoded message from cat aliens they have stated that they are preparing to experiment with (among the outerspace technology) earth-originated machines producing raw techno, electro and square wave sounds in a live mode. Prepare to get lifted in space. With alien felines...VISUALS////STROBE///////SMOKEDresscode: interdimensional